Chaplin Tournament and Level1 and 2 coaching courses

04/02/2018 10:56

The SES Chaplin Tournament has been expanded this season (by popular demand) to include mens and ladies doubles as well as mised doubles handicap events. The Tournament is coming up on Sunday 18th Feb. You dont have to be playing for a club that plays in the league, but it does help with the handicapping if we have met you or we know someone that has. So no problems for new entries, but include a few details if you arent sure we will know the level of you and your partner(s). Pay on the day. Enter by email. Please only enter if you really intend to play. If at any time after entering you find you are unable to play please tell Rob as soon as possible as we may be able to arrange an alternative for your partner(s). Easiest way to find info is to have a look at the poster on the I Play Badminton in Somerset page on FB.

Click on this link to see the FB page


Click on this link for more information on the upcoming Level 1 Badminton course in Yeovil

There are plans to have a Level 2 course in Wellington a couple of months later. Anyone interested please drop us a line and we will pass your details to the organisers.