SES Coaching session last night at Yeovil College

15/09/2018 09:30

Thank you to everyone for coming to the coaching last night at Yeovil College and James Elkin for providing the coaching. We had 4 Cerne Abbas players, 2 Dorchester players, 1 Gryphon player and an enthusiatic import wanting some practice. This was less that was hoped for, but a good taster for all these keen players.

The main idea for this kind of session is to provide access to coaching for people that might be new to league Badminton, thinking about trying league Badminton or regular players that are keen to learn or be reminded of mixed skills. Clubs cant always provide this help at club nights. If you are interested in a session for levels then please get in contact. We might be able to arrange one after Christmas for levels or skills depending on requests.

It was interesting to see how a few simple practices evolved from the start leading to players completely changing their style of play! Lots more mid court and down the line play rather than lifting including lifting through the middle of the court. Games were arranged with a theme or set of rules and everyone had a chat with their partner before starting each game to get their tactics aligned. The concentration was pretty intense throughout, but it was lovely to see how encouraging players were to each other.

James finished with a bit of Q+A on what people would take from the session. Encouragingly people decided that they should talk to their partners more before and during matches and ladies felt a little more like their partners might try a few different things to set it up for them to finish off the rallies (rather than the men running around at the back hitting it to each other). The players were encouraged to take some of these themed / adapted rule games into their club nights for anyone interested. This can re-invigorate club nights for those that would like to try to improve or change their game. Club nights are the best times to try something new, or simply something that you would like to do better in matches.

Again, if you are interested in coming to a future session please get in touch through the feedback page or directly.