Draw for the Knockout has been added to the fixtures page

18/10/2016 13:31

The Knockout is being run slightly differently for this season. There are 6 teams entered and they have been split into 2 groups of 3. Each team will play the other 2 teams in their group. Of those 2 games 1 will be home and 1 will be away. The home team provides the courts and shuttles just like a league match. It would be nice if the usual food and drink is also provided in the same way as for a league match.


Please provide the dates of the matches as soon as they are available so that Stuart is aware when handcapping will be required.


Dont forget that each team must nominate the players to Stuart Pilkington a few days in advance and inform him of any changes. Stuart will provide the handicap for each match and please return the completed scoresheets to the Chris Dawson. Please mark the scoresheets as "KNOCKOUT". It should be obvious of course, because the matches are 2 games each and no setting rather than the usual best of 3, plus there will be points calculations and the handicap written on the page.


Please also copy Rob Bugden in on the match dates and nominated teams in case there are occasions when Stuart is away.