Final mixed league positions

12/05/2018 19:42

The full tables will be loaded shortly, but the Winners of Div 1 were Gryphon 1 and the winners of Div 2 were Bridport. We have had the great news that new teams will be ntering for next season. We will try to run the usual promotion / relegation. We will take great care over where the new teams come in. Normally new teams would enter the bottom division, but we plan to avoid putting in teams in a division where the other teams will feel the new team is in the wrong division. We will also take care to try to keep the divisions at roughly equal sizes. Our aim as always is to give people lots of Badminton at appropriate level.

The Somerset Badminton Association has given us indications that we will be able to load our information onto their new website. As a committee we had decided to update the website to a new host, but in the meantime SBA have given us a new offer of hosting our information. We will keep you posted as information becomes available.