Results page updated / Fixtures amended

18/02/2017 21:59

Chris and Martin have been doing a great job in keeping teams up to date with any changes. The teams are being kept up to date more frequently than the website is being updated.The website catches up from time to time.

Results page updated:

Mixed and levels results have been updated up to this week. The results for the SES Chaplin mixed handicap tournament for this season have also been added. Thank you to all of the participants and to Rob Bugden for organising another successful SES tournament. Lots of games played. Everyone played 2 games against the other pairs. That is a lot of Badminton and all played in good spirit. Many of the encounters ended 1-1 in ends.


There is still 1 rearranged date to be arranged for the Premier division and 1 match unfinished, where the remaining games will be played at a future date.

Various Yeovil Badminton Club and Wessex Wanderers matches have now been moved to Westlands Sports Hall. Some of these changes have necessitated and change of date.