SES Miller Tournament 15th November 2015 @ Gryphon Leisure Centre

18/11/2015 20:55
This year's tournament was well attended with a total of 21 pairs playing in Levels and Mixed Events.  It was held 11am to 5pm on Sunday 15th November at Gryphon Leisure Centre, Sherborne.  All events were played in a round robin format with rank being decided on games won, or if tied, points won.
Mens Levels - 12 games played
The men's event this year was the closest I have seen, with no clear leader emerging right up to the last couple of rounds, and even up to the very last round was still in question between 4 pairs.  Freddie and Steve eventually emerged victorious beating Robin and Andy into 2nd place by a single point after tying on 9 games each.  3rd place was well earned by Ben & Dave on their first appearance in one of our tournaments.  There was a 3 way tie on games for the lower positions, which had to be separated by points, with the most heavily handicapped pair, Dave & Francis, never really finding their form and bringing up the rear.
Ladies Levels - 6 games played
Although we only had 4 pairs entered, the ladies' event was as equally as hard fought as the men's.  Jane and Angie struggled to find their form in the first round, but soon rallied and did not drop another game earning them 2nd place just 1 game behind the winners, Kim and Louise, who dropped just 1 game to Ruth and Justine.  Unfortunately, Mandy pulled a calf muscle half way through so the adjudicators allowed a substitute, Hermoine (Ben and Loretta's daughter and a very capable junior) so the games could be finished.
Mixed - 8 games played
The mixed competition was well attended with 10 pairs starting.  Unfortunately Lindsey and Jane had to retire shortly before completion due to a back injury.  
By midway through the event Steve & Ruth and Freddie and Brenda were beginning to stamp their authority on the competition finishing with just 1 game between them.  


A special mention should go to Hermoine, who stood in for the injured Mandy, and played with a maturity well above her 12 years and finished with her partner, Dave, in a very respectable 3rd place.
Thanks to Rob Bugden for organising the tournament.