The healing power of Milk after heavy exercise

21/02/2012 13:08

So you have played a lot of Badminton or gone for a long run or had a long session at the gym and you are getting ready to be in pain the next day with tired/heavy muscles? Want to try something new? Have a glass of milk or equivalent in something, not long after heavy exercise to minimise the effects of tired muscles. A few of us where I work saw it on TV last week and decided to give it a go. We are very glad we did. It makes a massive difference to how you feel in the next 12hrs! My experience is a 90-100% reduction in pain and a massive improvement in recovery time. 

If you agree with us that it sounds weird, can you think of any reason (other than being allergic to dairy) not to try it for yourself? Yoghurt seems to have a similar effect. Apparently it is something about the protein content that helps repair the micro damage to the muscles (that all heavy exercise brings) much more quickly.

If it works for you, please pass it on.