10/06/2014 13:39

Sorry for the delay in getting the final positions for the SES mixed division onto the website, but it will be done shortly.

Unfortunately Rob had a lot of trouble for a couple of months with his email so some people didnt get the questions about the Presentation and some peoples responses didnt get back to Rob. His email is now sorted out we hope so we will be back on the case shortly proposing a new date and asking people about their preferences for the arrangments.

Peter Allen is organising another Ricky Sansom memorial tournament on 29th June at Westlands and Im sure we will get more information soon from him about this (usually) graded tournament with different events.

Richard Grigg is talking to clubs to put together a proposal to the AGM about having a Singles league in future. The committee havent been convinced yet on the proposed formats, but any changes can only happen through the AGM anyway. If you want more information feel free to ask through Feedback or pose any questions on the "I play Badminton in Somerset" page on FaceBook. Also on that page is some information on some of the different clubs in the area that will be continuing over the Summer.